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    Aerial Photography

    NEW : Birdseye Britain

    Skyscan are distributors for a new type of oblique aerial imagery which has captured urban areas of Britain since 2005. This imagery can be seen on Microsoft's(R) Bing search engine using the link
    This exciting new imagery shares the advantages of vertical imagery in that there is blanket coverage in urban areas but, unlike the overhead imagery, Birdseye can also show the sides of buildings looking from the north, south, west and east in a steep-to angle. A single property can therefore be shown from all angles and is of great benefit for desktop investigations of a site and it's surroundings.
    Copies of the Birdseye imagery found on Bing can be supplied and licensed through Skyscan for use in property brochures, company reports and other publications.

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    Vertical (or mapping) aerial photos of the UK

    Vertical photography is captured by surveying companies for mapping purposes from directly overhead. It involves precise geo-referencing of each photograph and blanket coverage of large areas. The RAF conducted a survey of the whole country in the late 1940's and there have been regular surveys captured ever since. Some pre WW2 aerial photos also survive. Skyscan can supply vertical aerial imagery of the UK from a variety of surveying companies with whom we work closely.

    Oblique aerial photos of the UK

    Skyscan works with many of Britain's leading aerial photographers who capture 'oblique' photographs showing the subject from an angle, sometimes with sky in the top of the frame. The Skyscan Photolibrary contains over 400,000 oblique aerial photographs of which only a small fraction are searchable online.
      Birdseye views of Tower Bridge
    Looking North South East & West

    Vertical survey of Tewkesbury

    High level vertical imagery of Tewkesbury
    Contact Skyscan with details of your location and we can search our archive to see if we hold suitable imagery for you. With over 25 years experience in the aerial photographic industry, if we hold nothing suitable we can also enquire of colleagues on your behalf.

    Skyscan represents aerial photographers from all over the world. Using the internet we work closely with other aerial photographers and archives to search out and supply aerial photographs of specific locations throughout the world.

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