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    Commisioned Aerial Photography

    Skyscan works with aerial and aviation photographers based all over the world to deliver the best imagery to meet your needs whether it is a print of your property to display on a wall or progress photography of a large development project spanning many months. We have organised photographic shoots in Kingston-upon-Thames and Khazakstan, from Richmond to the Rhine and many other locations in the UK and abroad.

    Our photographers use a variety of aerial platforms (see below) to use their expertise to capture the landscape below or they can photograph other aircraft in tricky close-up air to air formation flying.

    We have access to sources of true satellite imagery and also the aerial imagery common on the internet and which has often been captured from an aircraft rather than satellites.

    Whatever your need we have over 25 years experience in aerial and aviation photography and will know the best solution to meet your aerial imagery needs.
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    Methods of Aerial Photography

    These are some of the aerial platforms used by our photographers, each has benefits and constraints. At Skyscan we have over 25 years experience of balancing equipment and location against results and budgets to advise you on the best way to achieve what you want. Call Skyscan to discuss your requirements.

    Tethered Balloon Camera
    Skyscan's unique aerial photography system was first used in 1984 and is still operating (see About us for further details)
    • operates from 50 to 500 feet above ground
    • vibration free camera platform gives excellent resolution
    • highly manoeuvrable; can drive around for different viewpoints
    • can work where other systems have difficulty
    • once inflated can remain aloft for hours awaiting optimum light
    • recompresses helium gas to save costs
    • susceptible to windy weather
    • heavy vehicle and expensive to operate
    • requires accurate forecasts to arrive on site with good weather

    Skyscan Balloon in action at Buckingham Palace
    Skyscan (R) balloon at Buckingham Palace
    Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV's)
    • lower operating costs than aircraft
    • easily transported and set up
    • highly manoeuvrable
    • can work work close to buildings
    • limited operational time dependant upon battery life
    • maximum height limit
    • weight considerations may restrict choice of camera
    Octokopter a remotely controlled unmanned drone in operation
    Light Aircraft
    • often the most cost effective option
    • can capture the site quickly from all angles
    • can cover several sites in one flight
    • minimum height restriction particularly over cities
    • must circuit the site; cannot hover
    • regulations and aviation expenses have increased considerably recently
    Cessna aircraft a favourite for aerial photography
    • highly manoeuvrable
    • can land and hover letting photographer compose his shot
    • preferred for city work
    • time in the air is extremely expensive; aviation costs have risen of late
    • noisy in operation for surrounding locality
    Helicopters eat fuel!
    Telescopic masts
    • lower operating costs than aircraft
    • easily transported
    • quiet and fast in operation
    • good for elevated views of properties and events
    • maximum height about 70-80 feet
    telepscopic mast mounted on vehicle
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