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    Old Aerial Photos of the UK

    Since 1997 Skyscan has offered a service to search out and supply historic air photos of the UK to clients involved with
    boundary and legal disputes planning matters environmental investigations local historical research

    In that time we have built up a comprehensive database of aerial photographers and archives operating in the UK. Skyscan's own photolibrary includes over 450,000 aerial photos of the UK dating from the 1950's and includes two important historic aerial archives the Chorley Handford / Realistic Collection and the London Aerial Archive (click for further information). Up to date imagery is constantly received from our photographers and complements archive material so that photographs covering a range of dates from the 1950's to modern times can usually be found for each location.

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    If your online search finds nothing please contact the office, we can search more effectively and include other collections we manage which are not yet online, this is usually at no charge.
    If no suitable imagery is held in house we offer an Aerial IMage Search service (AIMS) to search through other aerial archives see below.

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    Skyscan has close ties with most of the UK's aerial photographers and archives and can access their survey records to identify suitable aerial photographs for each client. A report is produced listing the available imagery together with dates and prices. A fee is charged to cover the research time needed to prepare the report, usually 120 GBP including vat. With over 28 years experience of the aerial photography business in the UK, our search time is targeted and efficient.
    Further details about Skyscan's Aerial IMage Search service can be found by contacting Skyscan or downloading a leaflet and enquiry form shown right (click to open).
    Aerial IMage Search service information leaflet Aerial IMage Search service enquiry form

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