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    Old Aerial Photos of the UK from the 1950's to date

    Skyscan have rescued two historic archives the Chorley Handford / Realistic Collection and the London Aerial Archive (click for further information). These 250,000+ photographs date from the 1950's and illustrate the changes over time in British cities, towns and villages as well as following the progress of many important construction and regeneration projects particularly in London and the south-east.
    The handwritten survey records of both archives have been painstakingly catalogued into a text database and over 130,000 photos have been scanned, postcoded and uploaded to a searchable map but years of work remain to complete the work. If your search is unsuccessful please call Skyscan; we have other search methods and have other collections and over 400,000 photos which are not yet online.

    SEARCH TIP : start with city, town or London postcode area eg EC1 and gradually add districts, major roads etc to narrow the search results

    We also advise you to try the MapSearch which is easier to use but currently holds fewer records

    Search over 500,000 Aerial Photos from the 1950's to date


    Find locations containing ALL these words:

    but NONE of these words:

    • Use partial London postcodes eg EC1; NW5; SW14 etc

    • Capitalisation is unimportant, e.g. "TOWER HILL" will find "Tower Hill"

    • Word order is unimportant, e.g. "Hill Tower" will find "Tower Hill"

    • Partial words are ok, e.g. "in" will find "Finchapel" and "Finsbury"

    Start date

    Format dd/mm/yyyy, e.g 25/12/1950 for Christmas Day, 1950

    End date

    Format dd/mm/yyyy, e.g. 31/12/1999 for New Year's Eve, 1999

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